You may have a list of passwords, or other confidential files or strings which you want to be used by a job but which should not be kept in its SCM, or even visible from its config.xml. Saving these files on the server and referring to them by absolute path requires you to have a server login, and does not work on slaves. …

1. What is AI?

AI or artificial intelligence is the term that is used to describe the process of inducing machines with the ability to mimic human behaviour, thinking patterns, learning capabilities and other cognitive functions. In the year of 2019, we have come up a long way in the avenue of artificial intelligence. So far that, some machine based processes which were introduced as AI is disregarded as AI by now. These process have become so easy to achieve that it doesn’t fall into the sophisticated scope of AI anymore. …

Information Security has now been identified as the top consideration of an organization, given the enormous number of issues and the high impact that will be created after an attack situation. In the past, cyber-attacks, system attacks, hacking were not popular vocabulary. Therefore, system security was an after-thought. With the extremely fast development rate of new technology, more and more vulnerabilities of the systems were identified and used for attack by black hat and grey hat hackers. Thus, Information Security has become an essential part of today’s organizations. Integrated-Security concept was found. This concept implies that the developers who are…

Manula Udugahapattuwa

Quality Engineer specializing in Performance Engineering process. Cyber Security Researcher. Reading for MSc. in Big Data Analytics.

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